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Boss Delay Machine DM-100

5/25/1999 5:08 PM
Boss Delay Machine DM-100
Anyone heard of these?  
There's one in our local pawn store for $120  
Its a mains powered unit with chorus.  
Never seen one before but it does look cool!!  
5/25/1999 6:56 PM
Mark Hammer

$120 is a bit more than you ought to pay for it, but there are a number of virtues to the unit. Actually, I think I used to have one some years back.  
Stock, it's a standard 4096-stage bucket brigade chip design with companding for low noise. There is nothing special to recommend it other than not having to buy batteries, but it comfortably accepts mods for passive tone control for both delay signal and/or recirculated signal. I traced the circuit to the recirculation control and the mix control, replaced the existing DC blocking capacitor with a smaller value, and stuck a 3-way toggle switch in to select two other caps in parallel, yielding 3 different low-end rolloffs for each of these signal paths. I also stuck another 3-way in to place a small value cap between the hot and ground terminals of the recirculation control to get 3 different high-end rolloffs. The same can be done for the delay-mix control.  
These are simple to install, cheap, reliable, simple to use, and can easily be defeated to yield the original sound. When you play with them, however, you get an entirely new palette of ambiances; e.g.: echoes that get increasingly shrill with each iteration, echoes that get more mute with each repeat, dark background washes, slapback that can sound vaguely plate-ish, etc.  
When these mods are installed, THEN the unit is worth $120. As I am fond of pointing out, these mods can be done to ANY analog delay line that has chassis-mount pots carrying audio signal.
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