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Yard Box - opinions?

4/14/1999 7:36 AM
Yard Box - opinions?
I have seen references to the Yard Box  
around these pages. Does anyone have one?  
If so, I would like to hear opinions,  
characterizations, alternate suggestions.  
I just want a box that will make me sound  
like Clap/Beck/Page - thanks
4/14/1999 6:24 PM

Um, ok. I have a Yardbox and enjoy it. One of its best things is that you can have it on max. with zero noise. It has a wide tonal range that goes from "Heart Full of Soul" to a rather dark, muffled tone. It does a good job of getting the early Zep sound. It is not as dynamic as a Fuzz face. Not as touch sensitive either. This is not a blues pedal, so emulating Clapton's "woman tone" isn't likely. Smooth fuzz is its forte. Think the intro to "Good Times Bad Times". There are just a few part differences between it and the Tonebender that R.G. has posted. A friend is building one. When he finishes I can post a comparison. Mark
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4/14/1999 7:37 PM

"There are just a few part differences between it and the Tonebender that R.G. has posted."
Great, I'll look forward to seeing the differences. PE makes a big deal about some extra control or something.
4/16/1999 7:35 AM

I've got a yardbox as well,great sound,smooth and tight sounding fuzz,not really wild but wild enough.sounds best with tone control on full bass,treble side is too much.Also mine has #27 written inside with black texta,am I right in assuming that this was the 27th made?  
Also I read somewhere that some were made with no gain control.Is this true or not?  
4/16/1999 8:22 AM

"I read somewhere that some were made with no gain control. Is this true or not?"
I believe it is.
4/18/1999 11:52 AM
John Bednar
I have a three knob version of the Yardbox, and spoke to the people at PE about the differences with the four knob version. The extra control is a pot that replaces the 220k resistor before the wiper of the level control. They said to remove the resistor and put a jumper in its place and just use the one volume control. It gives a tremendous boost in the output. Before jumping the resistor it was just a hair louder than bypass. Actually I talked to some other guys who do the same mod in original tonebenders. It's a cool sounding pedal and does the Page/Beck thing. I actually put it up against two original three knob tonebenders and it was close, but not exact. It wasn't as warm. But if you don't have the originals to compare it to you won't really miss a thing.
4/18/1999 1:57 PM

The schematic that R.G. has posted doesn't have a 220K resistor before the wiper of the level control.  
There's one before Q1 right at the beginning of the entire circuit.  
Are we even talking the same circuit?  
This is the circuit I am looking at:  
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