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Crappy Rat

3/23/1999 11:56 PM
Crappy Rat
My rat is a 95 w/led and at a low distotion  
setting works fine,but when icrank up  
the distortion the pedal craps and stutters.  
how can i track down the problem?  
at max dist its very bad. weird.
3/24/1999 11:08 AM

Have you tried a new battery? A Rat with a weak battery tends to compress the initial attack down to almost nothing at high gain settings.  
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3/24/1999 11:04 PM
New batt, same problem.  
Light pick attack is ok but med to  
heavy attack causes cutting out especially  
on the low strings.  
Backing guitar vol to 7-8 makes the  
problem disappear.
3/30/1999 8:36 AM
Sounds like you're overloading the input of your rat. Do you have any pedals in front of it? or do you have a built in preamp in your guitar? Real hot or active pickups? A booster or anything?
3/31/1999 2:13 AM

If all else fails, it could be the op-amp. I've never seen this problem with a RAT before, but I've had an MXR pedals do the same thing. It's a long shot though!
4/1/1999 12:07 AM
I use guitar-rat-hiwatt100.  
Dimarzio super-distortion is in one  
guitar which probably pushes the rat,  
but my other guitar is an old gibson with  
soapbars. Same results.  
I'll try to track down another op-amp.  
Can i try a different type?  
Where's a schematic?  
Thanks all.
4/1/1999 4:09 AM
Anders Westerberg

There's two different revisions; pcrat.gif and pcratb.gif  
Hope this helps.  
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