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Re: Making choices in the MN3xxx series

1/5/1999 5:56 AM
Jack Orman
Re: Making choices in the MN3xxx series
"gimme a BBD that uses relays for TRUE bypass!! Sorry about that. Brief psychotic episode.)"
For a brief microsecond I must have shifted into psychotic overdrive as well since I contemplated building it until I realized that you wouldn't able to hear the guitar for the clicking of the 1,024 relays!  
1/5/1999 7:00 AM
Mark Hammer

That's the beauty of it Jack. Set the delay time right and you don't even need a drummer!  
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1/5/1999 4:12 PM

My amp tech friend once asked me to design him an all tube digital delay.  
I did some quick calculations and found that for a 16 bit data word and an 8K stage delay, you need a minimum of a quarter - million - 12A?7's just for the digital delay section, with about a 1 megawatt(!) power source to run them.  
That doesn't count the input/output amps, analog housekeeping stuff, and all tube A to D conversion, but I figured that this stuff wouldn't materially change the overall tube count, power supply or cost.  
He decided not to have me build it, for some reason.
1/5/1999 9:04 PM
Mark Hammer

As the late Pat Paulsen used to say, "Picky, picky, picky."
1/6/1999 5:19 AM
Paul Perry

I've seen an all tube delay, based on a long glass tube of mercury... it was used in a WW2 airfield radar system, where the ground clutter was delayed and inverted, so stationary objects cancelled out. From memory it was 30 feet or so of mercury, which (reaching for my copy of Weast) is 1450 m/sec,  
.....nah, stick with the MNxxxx.
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