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hi-end rolloff

6/1/1999 2:51 PM
hi-end rolloff
The other day the 9-volt battery in my delay pedal was dying, and it produced the most pleasing, subtle touch of compression and high-end rolloff -- all of a sudden I had the "brown" sound and was playing "Panama"!!!  
Maybe this is something I could add on the output of my tube preamp? before the digital delay and power amp?  
Does anybody have any experience with speaker simulator circuits or high-end rolloff circuits to emulate the "brown" sound?  
BTW, I'm not afraid of op-amps, but my meat-hooks are used to working with tubes!
6/1/1999 3:10 PM
Mark Hammer

Sounds like you want a variable-voltage regulated power supply, so you can twiddle a pot and get the "magic voltage" that makes your pedal behave in the desired manner.  
A few months back in Electronic Musician, there was a schematic for a distortion unit that used a current regulator to constrain how much current was supplied to the distortion element (a 4049 invertor section). With seriously limited current, it was described as getting a kind of Neil Young splatter sound. Maybe what you want is current regulation rather than voltage regulation, or maybe both!
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