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Electra distortion

5/31/1999 3:20 PM
Electra distortion
Sorry for filling up this bbs but i am a beginner w/ a lot of questions!  
i built the electra distortion and i would like to squeeze more ditortion and less gain out of it, can anyone help me?
5/31/1999 7:39 PM

Anything is possible, but the "electra distortion" is a tiny exerpt from a larger pedal that just happens to be useful in some circumstances. Pushing it to do much more might be frustrating.  
Also, distortion and gain are used interchangeably by most guitarists. Did you mean more distortion and less output level?  
If so, you could use germanium diodes and put an output level pot on it to pad it down.  
You might also put two of them in series and use a volume pot after that, although that is now more complex than something like a Fuzz Face variant or a Boss Tone.
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5/31/1999 7:53 PM

Yes , i have tried putting in germanium diodes (1n34a's) in series and alone, also i have tried putting one germanium and one silicon on each side, none of the above especially helped it much...i have a 100k pot connected to the diodes already like it says in the schematic but it is a volume control, is there any way to change it to a tone control?  
would it do anything to repeat the cicuit a few more times?  
5/31/1999 11:09 PM

Rather than repeat the circuit or any other mods, why not simply build another (better) pedal?  
The Fuzz Face or Tone Bender come to mind right away for fuzz.  
6/1/1999 9:52 AM
Tobias Karlsson

I don't know if I totally agree when people recommend the Fuzz Face to beginners.  
You must have pure luck (if you don't buy them from R.G., strongly recommended)to buy two good germaniums and then you also have to place them in the "right" order!  
Otherwise the F.f could be a VERY bad experince  
Tobias Karlsson in Sweden
6/1/1999 12:13 PM

I have had quite good experiences building the Fuzz Face.  
Of course I can measure transistor gain and I have a lot of Ge transistors.  
Well then, how bout the fuxx face (Jack Orman)??  
6/1/1999 1:13 PM
Dave Chun

Or silicon 2N3906 or BC109C transistors can be used (the first is readily available, the second only sometimes.) With the right tuning, 2N3906s can sound good - I can get a nice hollow vowel tone with the neck pickup of my Strat. This is particularly good for slide.
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