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Help: BOSS CE-2 Indicator LED and output buffer problem

5/29/1999 9:58 PM
Help: BOSS CE-2 Indicator LED and output buffer problem
I have a BOSS CE-2  
but It's Indicator LED light are very weak..  
and it cuts Volume and High even in Bypass mode..  
What can I do?  
help me
6/6/1999 6:51 PM

I have a CE-2 that had the same problem with the LED, but only when I used a power adaptor. I found that a resistor near the top ofthe board was the wrong value. I have a heap of boss pedals and I simple looked at them to see which resistor was different. Replaced the resistor... hey presto, bright LED. If the CE-2 is stuffed even with batteries, check the board for corrosion, dirt, spilt beer etc. And remember , the CE-2 isn't a true bypass.  
Hope this helps,  
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