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Varidrive = vari = variable

5/28/1999 1:01 PM
Varidrive = vari = variable
Apparently my friends have gone through 5 varidrives and each one sounds very different. :-(  
Some were "unusable" and some were simply hard to play. Even the guy that made them admitted that some were bad.  
Someone took a look a the circuit and told my friend there is a flaw or obvious error in the circuit and that the tube?? or part of the circuit is not running at the correct voltage or something.  
Anyway, he modded the varidrive and it's supposed to sound way better.  
The whole point being that at some point, I will be really checking out the varidrive and can trace it AND I will be able to play a modded varidrive that was altered by a very knowledgeable person.  
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