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Re: Wah pedal circuits

9/10/1998 8:56 AM
paul perry
Re: Wah pedal circuits
I think the veroboard might be part of the problem..... with high impedance ckts, the copper tracks have enough capacitance between each other to go unstable... I have had trouble trying to make a LM380 amp on vero..  
try drilling out the excess copper.  
Also, try dropping the 1 meg resistor to 500k  
or 200k and increasing the cap in parallel with it to 10 or 22pf.... just a guess, but worth a try.
9/8/1998 5:03 PM
Mark Hammer
Parametric equalizers make rather nice wah's, and tend to be more tunable to one's liking than the usual bland Sallen-Key bandpass filters. I went on about them at some length on the Wah-Phasor thread in FX-General.
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