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Re: Phaser boards

6/12/1998 4:29 PM
hys chip
Re: Phaser boards
I see allide has the 2n5484 at 34 cents and circuit specailists over 10 at 32 cents.with newark clocking out an alltime high of 54 cents
6/10/1998 3:17 PM
It also occurred to me that the 1590 BB would hold TWO of these boards stacked, so you *might* be able to do a cheapo Bi-phase.  
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6/8/1998 6:01 AM
Re: MXR phase 45
how does the EH small stone compare with these?  
6/8/1998 6:51 AM

It's a bit different. I find it much more subtle than the 45, but somehow... sorry, can't explain, but they're both VERY nice Phasers!
6/16/1998 7:55 PM

the EH small stone is MUCH more versatile than the phase 45 (i have both a vintage SS and made a clone from RG's "Issue J" schematic posted i think at leper's site).  
the main thing of interest is the "color" switch on the small stone.  
it takes your standard "phase" device and can make it very extreme w/ the flip of the switch. in the other position it may sound a bit more like a phase90.  
the phase 45 is VERY subtle.  
more like a nice "phrasing" device (not intended to say "phasing").  
it adds a smooth, little overtone (of course, it's a phaser, so that's the slight effect you hear).  
the 45 kind of adds a nice, slight effect (rhythm guitar is useful here), but it's disappointing if you want something drastic.  
6/9/1998 8:10 PM

Does anybody remember the EH Badstone? I think it was ment to be comparable to a phase 100. I had one of these for a while back in '79 at same time that I owned a Smallstone. Unfortunately the Badstone got ripped off. But as long as I had it, I never used the Smallstone... It sounded pretty good as I recall... almost chorus like. Never heard anybody else mention these.  
6/8/1998 3:50 PM
David B.

Is it possible to add additional stages to the P45 to increase the phasing???  
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