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Green Rhino is TS808 clone

3/24/1998 10:00 PM
Daniel R. Haney
Green Rhino is TS808 clone
I may be the last to have figured this out, but...  
I got a look inside a Way Huge  
Green Rhino pedal. It is a tube screamer  
design with the JFET switching removed and  
true bypass in its place. Parts quality is  
top notch, audiophile grade in many places.  
Has the same old 1N4148 diodes for clipping.  
The emitter follower sections were TO-18  
form 2N2484's (hfe=250, NPN, small signal).  
The op amp markings had been sanded off.  
(Markings?? We don't need no steenking markings!)  
The Green Rhino sounds like a low-noise TS-808  
with rough edges removed. At $150, it costs as  
much as a vintage TS-9, half of what a vintage  
TS-808 does, but sounds better than both of them  
and is guaranteed for life. sheesh.  
I can do this, I just know I can.  
How do I get those 3PDT Carling switches again?  
3/29/1998 6:38 AM
Jack Orman

I guess RG is out of those 3PDT or he would have replied.  
BTW, there is a heavy-duty arguement in Usenet alt.guitar.amps about the posting of an ascii schematic of the Full Drive 2, which is also a derivative of the TS-808. While I don't advocate ripping off Mike's brand name or business, his circuit obviously owes the majority of its design to reverse engineering and copying of a TS-808.  
There are a lot of boutique effects that are nothing but quality copies of the TS-808 family. If you aren't handy with a soldering iron, they are probably good buys. Definitely better than resissues.  
Anyone know other boutique pedals that are copies of vintage effects besides the Green Rhino and Fuller's line?  
regards, Jack
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3/29/1998 8:41 AM
R.G. Almost all of them...
The majority of boutique effects I've seen have been more-or-less copies of vintage effects, with an added fillip here and there, like Prescription's addition of a swell circuit to the Foxx Tone Machine, or some minor value tweaking like the legion Fuzz Face clones and imitators. The quality of the copies varies considerably, too. Nobody's down to EH "quality" levels yet, though.  
I have not seen Z-Vex pedals, but I understand that they are at least new designs.  
The 3PDT's are back in stock, BTW. I've just been digging out after an unexpected business trip.  
My "day job" keeps getting in the way of more interesting things, but it does allow me to indulge in a couple of luxuries I've become accustomed to - eating and living indoors... ;-)
3/30/1998 9:37 AM
Daniel R. Haney

On 03/29/98, R.G. said:  
> The 3PDT's are back in stock, BTW. I've just  
> been digging out after an unexpected business trip.  
Great! Welcome back. Any estimate of what your  
parts shipping schedule will be? Would you prefer  
a postal money order over a check?  
> My "day job" keeps getting in the way of more  
> interesting things,...  
Part of my morning ritual is wistful glances  
at my guitars and workbench before leaving for  
good cheer,  
3/29/1998 8:43 AM
CJ Landry
Re: Green Rhino is TS808 clone
Prescription Electroincs did a spoof of the classic Tone Machine. Heck, thay even got Eric Johnson's approval and then the pedal sky-rocketed. I beleive PE only added one more stage to the ( I think the name of the pedal is the Experience Pedal, but don't quote me on that) thing and sold it in a standard Bud box.  
They got lucky if you ask me because the Tone Machine is an easy pedal to copy as RG has done and I even made my own PC board and copied it.  
3/29/1998 8:49 AM
R.G. Foxx Tone Machines...
I might add that the FTM is a great sounding fuzz. Not subtle at all, but a great sound. One of my personal favorites.
3/30/1998 6:09 AM
I second that!
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