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Organ effects for guitars

12/10/1997 10:18 AM
David B.
Organ effects for guitars
My mom owns an old Wurlitzer Organ  
that has a bazillion different  
sounds in it. Does anybody think  
it would be possible to use these  
effects on a guitar?Any feedback  
is appreciated. --David
12/12/1997 10:24 AM
Some cool effects, simmilar to organs can be achieved by LFO's. Low frequency oscillators. Use these LFO's with: a VCA- voltage controlled amp., VCF's-voltage controlled filters.,and other voltage controlled devices. You can mixed oscillators together, with a mixer, to create reall wierd sounds. I've used osc's with ranges which I think are around 1hz to 15 hz. Good luck- check out some books on sound synthesis(synthesizers)for schematics. later-eth
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