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FLuke?? HV Power Supply question

6/7/1999 7:08 AM
Dan Ramage
FLuke?? HV Power Supply question
I've got what I think is a FLuke tube power supply. I say think since the only label is on the analogue voltage/current gauge which says John Fluke Mfg. It has a 6.3V @3A heater supply, a 0-225VDC and 0-22.5 bias supply, and finally a  
0-500VDC @100ma B+ supply. I have no idea about the model number. I was wondering if anyone knew of a net resource for a manual and/or schematics on  
this beast. I've emailed Fluke to see if they have anything, but I thought I'd  
put the word out here to see if anyone has an info. The unit seems to be in  
working order, the voltages check out, but I haven't put a load on it yet.  
Thanks for any info.  
6/7/1999 7:33 AM

"John Fluke Mfg." is indeed the "Fluke" company - the unit was probably built before they moved to Washington state (can't remember the year). Don't know if the company has schematics for older units but they were extremely helpful in providing, for free - via fax, a schematic for a 1970s digital volt/ohm-meter. (wish I could say the same about the Wavetek folks).  
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