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Old Altec Tube stuff

5/30/1999 2:32 PM
Tom Lennon
Old Altec Tube stuff
I came across some old Altec tube equipt. and speakers at a garage sale. The seller's uncle used to work at Altec and had a garage full of miscellaneous stuff, some of which ended up at the seller's house.  
Anyway, I've got til Monday noon or so to make an offer ( if it's still there) and am hoping to get some idea as to worth and desirability. Some of it may be for parts and some for use as home stereo. The speakers I would hope to apply to guitar amp use. Does anyone know if the speakers are suitable for guitar use? Here's what particulars I know: 440C amplifier, 306  
A tuner, a separate Altec turntable in its own cabinet, another amp and tuner taken from a console ( couldn't read the #s it was under some boxes in a closet). The speakers are: one 601B, one 412B, one 8" outdoor speaker in its own (fiberglass?) cabinet the lid of which removes, one 15" coaxial in a nice blonde Altec cabinet w/Altec crossover circuit, two 8" speakers in a cabinet ( no #s visible).  
The seller wants $600 for the lot. I would appreciate any suggestions as to evaluation/desirability of these items and the parts they might contain. Or maybe a suggestion for a web sight pertinent to this.  
Thanks in advance for any help.  
Tom Lennon
5/30/1999 4:48 PM
Ned Carlson

Probably the most valuable thing in there is the 15" coax...if it's a 604, you're in luck (the 605 is less desirable). If the 8 inchers are 755's those are good, too.  
Altec's home electronics have some value, but not nearly what their commercial/studio stuff does. I dunno what a 440C is,(too bad it's not a 436, that's a keeper!) but a 306A is a mono tuner and I don't think it's like worth a lot...most of the 400 series electronics were commercial items, so you may have something decent.  
I'm pretty sure Altec didn't make the turntable,probably a relabel of something else...might be something good, might not.  
Most of these speakers are only rated 25-35 watts, and if you blow 'em, they're gonna cost a mint to recone...and that's bad for resale value, too.You sure don't want to use coaxes like 601B for guitar, you'll almost certainly blow the tweeter, in the case of 601's, there's no fixing the tweeter at all.  
I'd suggest you drop a list to , see what he offers you for the stuff , also search Dejanews and Ebay (search completed auctions), this ought to give you some idea of going prices.  
Here's a page with some info on Altec gear:
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5/31/1999 10:00 PM
Tom Lennon

Ned, thanks very much for the reply and info. I wrote sonnysound to see what he'd offer. That's a great website you have....generous,too.  
Tom Lennon
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