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tboy...Hookup very slow???

4/23/1999 6:26 AM
Richie tboy...Hookup very slow???
Tboy: I have been having a problem in the last few days. When I try to go to the Ampage, it takes quite a few minuites to hook up. Then when i am on the page it takes a few minutes to get in the selected forums. Or to post or read. I can go to other pages and everything works fast as before, and is normal. Is there a problem somewhere? Or is it something on my end thats not right? I am not a computer whiz, but I never had a problem before, and it would always hookup in seconds. are others having any problems? Thanks [Richie]
4/23/1999 7:47 AM

I have problems like this all the time too Richie.  
I'm on AOL and I find that if I dissconnect and close AOL, then reconnect with a different phone number it gets either better or worse.  
So it has to be something with the phone line, AOL or the net has just become WAY too crowded for us.  
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4/23/1999 8:05 PM
Steve A.

    I think that the problem might be with (maybe older equipment or not the best connection to the internet). I say that because usually when AMPAGE is very s-l-o-w the pages on other sites pop right up. But we shouldn't complain since firebottle is hosting the site, presumably for free. [Correct me if I'm mistaken about that, tboy!]  
    When all of the sites are slow as molasses, I'll log off and reboot (figuring that maybe something is going on in my computer that is slowing things down). And when my internal modem gets confused, it seems to be best to power down for about 10 seconds (when this is the case, I usually can't even log on).  
    In any case, there must an incredible amount of traffic at this site- I wonder how many "hits" tboy gets in an average day? You find links to this site on practically every homepage that has anything to do with MI tube amps. For every person who actually posts a message here, there are probably 100 "lurkers" who just browse around without saying anything--- but slowing things down just the same for the rest of us! Or it could be the "bots" that follow every link on every page that they find, adding addresses to their junk e-mail lists...  
Steve Ahola
4/23/1999 8:51 PM

I think you might be right about the lurkers because I get a half dozen e-mail questions a week from people I've never seen post a single question or reply here.  
There should be no reason to be shy about posting a querie on AMPAGE.  
4/24/1999 8:50 AM
Dave Stork
In praise of Ampage
Or it could be the "bots" that follow  
every link on every page that they find, adding addresses to their junk e-mail  
I've been wondering about that. I have been getting a lot of spam in my mailbox since I started posting here. Maybe it's time to start disguising my email address so the 'bots can't use it. (See above).  
I want to reiterate that this is the best amp discussion forum on the 'net. The quality of discourse is so much higher here than elsewhere, and tboy's software is so much better than that crappy "wwboard" script that everyone else uses.
4/24/1999 12:57 PM

FWIW I haven't gotten any spam since posting my email address here.. (of course, now I will. :-) Think I may adopt your dot extention though. Can't be too careful..
4/24/1999 1:49 PM

Hey guys;  
I haven't had any problems with increased spam mail at all to be honest with you. Who knows though! (ha, ha)  
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