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CrateT/R/S effectsloop ??

6/7/1999 10:21 PM
don wyne
CrateT/R/S effectsloop ??
I have a crate vintage club 50. I bought it used and have it operating well. Here is my question, what is the correct operation of the effects loop?  
Is it to swith the reverb on the clean and dirty channel independantly? It makes sense that it is but I would like input from someone that knows. thanks, don
6/8/1999 7:20 AM
The effects loop is inserted between the preamp and power amp sections. I allows you to  
break the connection between these sections and insert an effects processor or pedal of your choice, which will be driven by the preamp. You may or may not like the results you get(many don't). The more common way is to connect your effects units to the amp's input jack and have them drive the preamp. It has no effect on the channel reverb switching. The foot switch jack only does channel switching.  
Hope this helps.  
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6/8/1999 8:27 AM

Don,I own two Vintage Club 30's. These are great sounding amps for the money. You will have to make or buy a special chord with a male TRS jack on one end and two female 1/4" on the other. I believe the tip is the send and the ring is the return.(I may be wrong,If not, just swap them.) The reverb is switched during channel switching, allowing you to preset independent reverb levels for the clean and dirty channels.  
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