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4 6V6GT Wards Amp

5/5/1999 2:34 PM
4 6V6GT Wards Amp
About a two weeks ago I requested any info people might have had about a Wards JDR 8421 amp. Thanks to everyone that responded. My big question is regarding the 4 6V6 power section which seems to be very underpowered for 4 6V6's. The preamp stage consists of two 12AX7 and the rectifier is supposed to be a 5Y3 but I changed it to a 5V4 which gave the amp more headroom. I'm betting this could be a pretty cool sounding amp, but without a schematic I'm finding it pretty difficult to work on. Any recomendations or insights would be greatly appreciated.  
5/5/1999 9:00 PM
4 6v6 ! yea..
I would agree that amp could be really cool. Have you measured the idle current on those tubes a pair at a time ? how about voltages..
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5/6/1999 6:33 AM
Re: 4 6V6GT Wards Amp
I'd guess this type of amp should be putting out about 10 watts per pair of 6V6s, or total 20 watts. This can be plenty loud under the right conditions.  
Speaker efficiency plays a big part in the loudness equation. Try temporarily substituting some other modern speakers to your Wards amp, and see how the sound level is affected. You original speakers could be weak, even though the amp electronics *may* be healthy.  
Is there a noticeable hum in your speakers, independent of volume control setting and with nothing plugged into the input jack? If so, better power supply filter capacitors are in order. Power supply reserve can have a lot to do with loudness under high power demand.  
These are a couple of easy things to check before going deeper into the circuitry.
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