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Re: it was the main filter

5/7/1999 2:26 PM
Re: it was the main filter
More Marshall mods are always good! (ha, ha) I agree that these do not sound anything like the older Master volumes which is a shame. They tried to make the beast more "beastly" i think but went over board! (ha, ha)  
You need to mod it to sound like the older  
ones. I really don't care for these too much to be honest. I avoid these models unless someone wants them competely re-done.  
It's to you of course!!  
5/15/1999 9:55 AM

I found a mod for this amp in my pile of notes the other day and it involves moving the tone controls to after the cathode follower>>  
It won't have a cathode follower unless it's one of the earliest ones, 84 or older.
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