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solid state vs tube rectifiers

3/25/1999 4:51 PM
Tom solid state vs tube rectifiers
what's the rectifier? what is the diff. bet. solid state and tube rectifiers, tone-wise?  
3/26/1999 9:46 AM

Tom, the rectifier converts the ac voltage from the "wall outlet" to dc voltage. There are a lot of opinions as to how rectifiers affect tone. Generally speaking, solid state rectifiers are tighter in the low end, whereas tube rectifiers give a "loose" low end and sag effect; certain tube rectifiers are "tighter" than others. You may could find more technical info at GEO; RG's faq page (very very informative!)  
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3/27/1999 1:33 PM
thanks for your help. btw what's the address to that "very very informative" geo rg's faq page?  
3/28/1999 5:20 PM
Steve F.

There's a link to it at the bottom  
of the page in the "right" frame.  
It's the page that has "Tech Talk"  
at the top.  
3/26/1999 10:55 AM

The voltage drop across a tube rectifier is much greater than it's solid state counter part and as a result yeilds a lower B+ to the rest of the amp. This in turn effects tone as well as output power.  
3/27/1999 10:46 PM
My opinion only> I like the sound of SS rectifier better, if not useing SS rectifier. I like The 5AR4/GZ34 Maybe it is because of more voltage,[as posted above] but when using a 5U4 it just sounds a little mushy. But when useing the smaller rectifier tubes, 6CA4 6X4 etc, it don't seem to have as much difference.But to me,I have had BF supers in, and used 5AR4 and 5U4, and to me they sound better without the sag of the 5U4. [Richie]
3/28/1999 7:22 AM
John S.

I own a Mesa/Boogie Tremoverb head and I love the sound of the 5U4 rectifier tubes instead of the solid state rectifier tightness,realize though,that I am a blues/classic rock player,and the quishy attack of the tube rectifier setting does it for me.I tryed using 2 5AR4 rectifier tubes also,but the amp was designed for the 5U4 tubes,and just sounds better to me with these tubes in there,but this is just my opinion.If you are a metal player looking for that Marshall tight grind like the 900 or the SLX,the solid state rectifier is the way to go.Nice thing about my Tremoverb is that all I have to do is flick a switch to go from one rectifier type to the other....JOHN S.
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