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Triode/Pentode Mod

1/22/1999 7:57 PM
JDP Triode/Pentode Mod
Looking for information concerning Triode/Pentode Mod. Is this a safe modification for newer amps (Blues Deville 60 watt/410's)with circuit boards. Please post any pro's and con's. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.
1/25/1999 7:05 PM

This mod should work well if your looking for a big bassy tone.  
The mod will roll off some of the highs to make a (some say) muddier tone. Your output power will drop and plate current will tend to rise a bit but, most x-formers can take the extra current.  
Be very careful with lead dress as this can lead to problems with  
oscillations. If you're using a switch.. keep the wires or jumpers short as possible and use a big body switch rated for at least 250  
Vac. I like to leave the screen resisters in place as to keep the screen dissipation within limits.
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