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Re: Thanks and comments

11/25/1998 8:35 PM
Michael Sullivan
Re: Thanks and comments
Having passed the 50-year mark a while ago, I have yet to reach the stage where I think absolutely clean is the way to go. Granted, I no longer desire the sound of a 100-watt Marshall with a Tube Screamer, but I've yet to want to go to transistors.  
I LIKE my tube-type tone monsters! I will admit, however, to stepping DOWN on the power and going to two 6V6s. My speaker choice has gone from 2-12s to 2-10s or 4-10s. 20 watts is PLENTY for me. If I need a bit of crunch, a modified Princeton on 10 has that, and not nearly as much aural destruction.  
And I would REALLY consider the re-cone option if it were mine. I haven't seen the inside of a Polytone in YEARS, but I seem to remember the speaker anomaly. I think I've forgotten how transistors work, though.......  
Have a Happy Thanksgerbil, everyone!
11/25/1998 9:59 PM

A recomendation for speaker repair.  
Orange County Speaker  
These guys are real pros,  
Great service, fast turnaround.  
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11/26/1998 5:53 AM

Have you considered doing the recone yourself. You can get recone kits for most things here in the UK, complete with glue and plastic spacer to align the coil, about £20 ($30). They're a bit fiddly to get right, and the dome in the middle is a b**** to put in neatly, but you'll feel really good about yourself if you do it!(well I did anyway).  
I hear what you're saying about clean tone, and I hear what everyone's saying about dirty tone, and I agree with everyone. I just love the sound of a too loud electric guitar.
11/26/1998 9:50 AM
Michael Sullivan

Yes, speaker re-cone parts are available here, as well, though I've forgotten the web address for one of the major suppliers. I may be able to find a US retailer of speakers kits, but it'd take better than a week -- my hi-fi/speaker contact has email only at work, and won't be back 'til Monday.  
Let me know by off-group email if you want me to ask....
11/27/1998 10:26 AM
Charlie Escher

I use a Hafler P3000 stereo power amp with EVs, but I feed it from my homebrew 60 watt ex-Laney amp, allowing preamp tube distortion if desired, or super clean round jazz tone or funk tone. The power section of the tube head is still active (into either a Jensen or Celestion) though, so I have power tube saturation as needed, and when I blend digital EFX (with a mixer, through the Hafler) it works great for the Pat Metheny style 3D sound thing. Not exactly "dead clean", but surprisingly natural sounding and easy on the ears. I looking 50 in the face pretty soon myself, but I seem to be getting more cranky in my old age, if anything! BTW, playing through a guitar synth will really expose poor technique in a heartbeat; the synth is the reason I'm using such a convoluted rig to begin with.
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