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We've Got a Bleeder!

10/27/1998 5:51 AM
We've Got a Bleeder!
Fender puts a 220K (on most amps) bleeder resistor in parallel with the 1st level filter caps. Does this affect tone?  
10/27/1998 5:58 AM

If you are referring to the two 220k resistors across the two series 70uf/350v caps these are not primarily "bleeders" but instead serve to equalize the voltage drop across the capacitors in series. Do not remove them unless you wish to risk damage to the capacitors.  
As a general rule, fairly high resistance "bleeders" have little effect on tone as they draw little current. In your amp you have 440k to ground. Divide your first filter b+ voltage by the resistance and determine the current (good old Ohm's Law - commit to memory) - for 500v it is 1.1 ma, an insignificant draw.  
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