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Re: Hi-Watt Custom 100 bias question (long)

10/26/1998 4:11 AM
anonymous Re: Hi-Watt Custom 100 bias question (long)
Thanks for your help everyone. The B+ is 460V just as it should be here in England! I'm going to go the voltage doubler route, because there's no way the bias windings have enough voltage to start with. I've already killed a set of Sovteks messing around with ressitor changes.  
BTW, I had a weird crackle on the decay of notes which turned out to be the treble bleed capacitor closest to the treble pot. It was 100pF ceramic (200 on the schematic). I replaced with 150pF Silver Mica and would highly recommend it to other users. It livens the amp up more than I imagined.
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