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fender performer 1000

5/20/1998 11:55 AM
d.sheppard fender performer 1000
has any of the techs out there EVER experienced switching problems with this amp? Specifically, ( and extremely intermittently), this amp will toggle by itself between the 2 gain channels (yellow and red LEDS toggle) when driven hard!! I've changed many of the components related to the switching path but to no avail!!! here's the kicker.......I just rx'd another amp into the shop (a performer 1000) with the same identical problem and has been in for warranty repair 4 times with no success....any tech notes out there???
5/20/1998 11:59 AM
Mark Buckingham

I've had this problem with other amps... A dean markley k150 to be exact.  
Are you using a guitar cable between four footswitch? If you are, you may want to use a speaker cable instead. I think the internal capacitance (or something?) of a guitar cable can cause that problem.  
In fact, mesa specifically tells you to not use a guitar cable in the owners manual for the DC-2. Maybe the advice works for fender as well.
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5/20/1998 1:11 PM

how is does the amp channel switch. Solid state switching and relays, mechanical switching...?. If the unit uses solid state and/or relay switching I would check the low voltage power supplys to see if they drop out with vibations. Often in many amps popping weird switching etc. is caused by bad solder at voltage dropping power resistor leads causing low voltage(s) that are used control the switching logic to drop out and then come back. I have fixed problems caused by losing one of the low voltages on a marshall solid state (channel dropping out), fender blues deluxe tube (change channels when playing), Crate solid state (loud popping that ripped the speaker cone)
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