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Twin II schematics

3/16/1998 5:57 AM
Twin II schematics
Do anyone out there have schematics of a Twin II in any mailable format like .gif, .jpg or what ever.
3/16/1998 8:32 AM
buy the Gerald Weber book...
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3/16/1998 10:02 AM
Steve M.

Which one? I have the first one he put out, but I don't remember there being a Twin II schematic in there, but I could be wrong. Is it in the new one that just came out?  
3/16/1998 3:56 PM
Bob K.

Aspen Pittman's "The Tube Amp Book, Volume 3" contains a Twin Reverb II schematic. I don't know if the earlier, or later for that matter, volumes of the book contain the schematic also.  
Hope this helps.  
3/16/1998 5:40 PM

Yes it's in vol #4 as well, but check the book you actually buy cuz some of them are mighty lightly printed
3/17/1998 1:28 AM

Thanks guys!  
BTW Bob K, maybe i remembered wrong but haven´t u done some Torres mods in the OD channel on your Twin II(my english stinks huh?)
3/18/1998 7:10 AM
Bob K.

In addition to the Twin II I have a Fender Concert from the same era and, except for having 4 6L6's instead of 2, it has the same circuit configuration as the Twin II. I use it as a test bed for modifications. I did modify the preamp only a while back using the Torres Super Texan design. I liked the souund of the OD channel but was looking for a little more sustain at low volumes. Otherwise I think the mod is certainly worth looking into.  
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