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Re: Amp Books

3/26/1998 3:35 AM
Dave H
Re: Amp Books
>>grounded grid (common Fender, cathode coupled)<<  
That will be the long tailed pair. The first time I came across the term it was used to describe emitter coupled differential amplifiers. One way to design these was to have a constant current source connected to the common emitters. A constant current source can be a big resistor the "tail" of which is connected to a power rail that is a "long" way off (in voltage). That’s my guess anyway. Now can someone tell me what a cathodyne is ?  
4/8/1998 4:52 PM

What about the "AMP-BOOK" subject for us dummies who don't claim to KNOW EVERYTHING!!!
Book Of The Day The Ultimate Tone, Volume III by Kevin O'Connor
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to build a Bassman, Champ, Plexi, an 800, AC-30, Bulldog or Portaflex? Or you wanted to build an SVT with off-the-shelf parts? How about a master-volume amp that doesn’t change tone with the master setting? Everything you need to know is right here, including: proper grounding techniques, wiring methods, and mechanical considerations. Eighteen chapters cover the “iconic” amps everyone knows and loves, with schematics and layouts for each, along with the technical history of the product. Eyelet-board and chassis-mounted tube socket construction is used throughout, for easy servicing and modding. TUT3 is very accessible even if you cannot fully read a schematic and is a "must have" if you are going to build an amp for your self.

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4/13/1998 1:58 AM
What about the "AMP-BOOK" subject for us dummies who don't claim to KNOW EVERYTHING!!!  
    You would definitely want the Dan Torres book "Inside Tube Amps" as it was written for dummies.
4/13/1998 8:30 PM
With all the typos and bad grammer, it looks as though it was WRITTEN by a dummy!
4/14/1998 5:59 AM

NUFF SAID genlemen... NOW WE "GET DOWN"!!!...
4/14/1998 2:29 AM
Dave H

Sorry I drifted off the subject. I was just trying to help out by answering a question. I definitely do not know everything.  
4/19/1998 6:08 PM
Tony R.

Here is a few from my Library  
The history fo Marshall: By Michael Doyle  
all about Marshall Amps, models, lots of schmatics overall a good book... $32.00 254pgs.  
Tube Amp talk for the guitarist & Tech (NEW)  
by Gerald Weber. Servicing you amps, mods, electronics, troubleshooting, vintage amps info,  
speaker info, Kendrick amps, Q&A,  
very good book $45.00?  
A desktop Reference os Hip vintage guitar amps  
by Gerald Weber. lot of schmatics, mods, articles on vitage amps.. very good $27.00  
The Tube Amp Book vol 1-4 (GrooveTubes)  
by Aspen Pittman. lots of info on several types of amps, tube theory, tube data, just about  
schematic you could want, tricks, mods, troubleshooting...etc..very good "must Have"  
vol 4.1 the latest and best.. 765pages..  
The complete guide to Guitar and amp maintenance. by Ritcie Fliegler  
entry level troubleshooting, componet ID, maintenace of amps and guitars..overall pretty  
Amps, the other half of Rock N Roll:  
by Ritchie Fliegler. gives good data on amps of the past and schematics or  
troubleshooting... OK @25.00  
RCA Receiving tube Manual: Series RC-19  
Reprint of the 1959 manual.. very good for understanding tube theory. Tube data on just about  
every tube you would need. Circuits for building basic amps... very good not cheap!  
Mojo Musical Supply, Ham fests,  
The Audio Designer's Tube Register vol 1  
common low-power triodes. by tom Mitchell  
excellant data on 14 of the most widely used  
triodes....12AX7s, 12AT7s, ECC83, 12AU7s, etc  
good data on tubes if your in to designing.  
Two good ones by Tino Zottola:  
Vacuum Tube Guitar and Bass Amplifier Servicing and Vacuum Tube Guitar and Bass  
Amplifier Theory:  
very nice intro and intermediate level servicing/troubleshooting, tools needed, Component testing  
and ID; Bias adjustment, mods. The theory one covers tube operation, tonal characteristics, amp  
layout, component codes and ID. Around $20.00ea (Must have)  
Great Tube Amp & Guitar Mods:  
by Mike Thompson. 50 useful mods for Marshall and Fender amps, speaker cabinet and Equip  
tips. (good reference)  
How to service your own tube amp: by Tom Mitchell book and Video About $70.00 good all  
around book with the video to back it up. tools, troubleshooting, electronics, speakers, use of  
tools, mods, tubes, component ID, testing & codes. (must have for new techs)  
Of course the Dan Torres Book:$45.00  
very good on mods,amp design kits,  
(overall a real good book to have)  
The Ultimate Tone, by Kevin O'Connor  
True guitar amp design book. all about designs, circuits, preamps, mods, power supplies. $55.00  
(must have)  
their's more but thats the better ones, Hope I helped you a little  
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