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Powering Down

12/10/1997 1:33 PM
Chris Coleman
Powering Down
My question is about my Red Bear MK 120(A killer no-name amp made by Gibson, got it for $240, point-to-point wired, great all around amp)... any how, it's got 3 12AX7's and 4 5881's-  
When I power it down by turing the power switch off (of course), the signal fades, but not only that- when I've got the preamp cranked, as the signal fades, the sound is more saturated and sweeter. There is no way I can capture this as it only occurs when I turn the amp off...  
My questions, then are 1) What causes this? and 2) Is there any mod or device that can replicate this effect directly inside my amp (not including overdrive pedals or the like)?
12/10/1997 4:54 PM
Rusty Bretz

It sounds similar to what would happen if you lowered the VAC with a Variac. (brown-out)
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