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output imped. - affect on sound?

12/9/1997 11:37 AM
output imped. - affect on sound?
Opinions wanted!  
OK - you have a 50 or 100 watt tube amp with impedance selection 4 - 8 - or 16 ohms. You set the amps impedance on 16 ohms and use a four 16-ohm speaker cabinet wired for a 16 ohm load.  
Now, you use the same amp with the same speakers wired parallel for a 4-ohm load and set the amp's output impedance accordingly.  
What's the expected difference in tone, output, etc?  
One more senario - same amp using a similar cabinet but loaded with four 8-ohm speakers (same make speaker, similar models to 16 ohm speaker) wired for an 8 ohm load... any expected diff. in output/tone to the 16 ohm 4x12 senario?  
Thanks in advance.
12/9/1997 2:19 PM

For answers to a lot of speaker related questions, visit Weber's website at  
and click on the "let's Talk Speakers" link. there's also a glossary of terms I found helpful.  
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