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looking for an amplifier

12/8/1997 9:13 PM
looking for an amplifier
i have been looking into purchasing a new amplifier for my son. the two we have looked at and like are the peavey classic 50 and the marshall vs100r. the peavey is an all tube and has a great sound. the marashall is the valvestate design. my son is into blues and good old fashion rock and roll. any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  
12/8/1997 11:43 PM
how old is your son, and how technically proficient are YOU? as i'm sure you must realize, the "care and feeding" of any tube amp is a bigger commitment than solid-state (bordering on insanity for some of us).
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12/9/1997 4:16 AM
Karl Zwengel

I've heard rave revews about Carvin amps. My brother auditioned a used one at a local shop. He returned with comments regarding a certain body part nearly exploding. On a price level you cant beat them. The "thumb" rule for buying at guitar center is that you won't get a deeper cut than about 30% of MSRP. THat puts thier stuff in the same ballpark as some really nice amps without the haggling. 5 bills should get you a really good general purpose amp. Anyway, point being is don't write these guys off.
12/9/1997 9:51 AM
john d.
I have test drove the Carvin Vintage 50 2x12. Even though it's totally modern construction, I thought it was very good. I own a Peavey Classic50 4x10 and I think the Carvin was much better. The seperate voicings for each channel provide much better tonal vibe. The Carvin clean channel is much better. Very Fendery. The overdrive is more flexible. I have always thought the Peavey overdrive is too harsh sounding. I play blues & rock and I was impressed with tones. I'll also suggest a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. That 1x12 cooks.
12/9/1997 8:46 AM

Hi there,  
The best thing to do is make a list of amps you like and check 'em out. I would definetly go for a tube amp, because they sound much better and warmer than solid state or hybrid amps (like the Marshall valvestate). I bought a valvestate a couple of years ago and sold it immediately after I had played a good old Marshall JCM 800 (tubeamp). There was so much difference. Bear in mind that a tubeamp is more expensive to maintain because you have to change tubes once in a while (depends on how much and hard you use it). They are also more expensive to buy, but a good tubeamp will last you a long time and definetely pays itself back in TONE and that's what it's all about ! Blues and rock 'n roll just call for a good 'ol tube amp. For info on tubes and maintenance you can ask the experts on this BBS.  
I think the guitar amp revieuw database at the harmony-central website might be a great help. You'll find revieuws and info of virtually every amp on the market. The address is  
Hope this has been of any help.  
Regards, Niek
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