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Output level drop

12/8/1997 8:44 PM
Output level drop
My Tremoverb has had recurring problem of drop/sag in output level.  
It has gone back twice for repair.  
I noticed at the end of a frustrating gig, one of the Rectifier tubes had fallen out. When I put it back, all was well.  
Now the power has sagged again, and the tubes look OK.  
What could I do, before returning to Dealer again?  
12/9/1997 7:17 AM

Sounds like the rectifier tube socket has become too loose to grip the tube's pins.  
The socket's contacts should be retensioned, and the tube base gripper reset before inserting the tube back in place. Retensioning is a simple, but delicate operation which, if done carelessly can damage the socket enough to require replacement. If you aren't exactly sure what I'm talking about, take this amp to a tech who is known by guitar players as reliable.  
Is the guy you've been dealing with a Mesa warranty service station? If yes, you should call Mesa and let them know what's going on. They are concerned about their reputation.  
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