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Anyone converted Dynaco to guit amp?

9/5/1997 10:48 AM
Mike Schulze
Anyone converted Dynaco to guit amp?
I have a line on two Dynaco MarkIII tube amps - they are 50W EL34 with 4,8, and 16* outputs. I am wondering if these would make good guitar amps???
9/5/1997 3:40 PM
Steve Morrison

No conversion neccessary, Mike; just plug your favorite guitar preamp into the MarkIII's line input and attach your favorite guitar speaker cabinet to the MarkIII's speaker terminals and wail away.  
If you had something more drastic in mind, like using the MarkIII chassis as a platform to build something other than a MarkIII, I'd advise against it, simply because the stock MarkIII's will always be more valuable than any kind of guitar-amp kludge that could be made out of them.
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9/5/1997 3:45 PM
Yes,they would make great power amps for guitar!  
They should work fine just stock.  
Mark III's used 6550's.  
Great warm clean tone.  
You could even convert it to use KT-88's.  
You could try them stock just get adapters so you can plug in a 1/4"guitar chord.  
Good luck.I've heard the filter cap is almost impossible to find.  
Make shure the one in those amps is healthy.
9/6/1997 7:44 AM
Sunn amps were basically Dynacos. Don't bugger those cool MK3s. Buy a Sunn if you want to experiment. The Mallory can/caps used in the Dynacos are obsolete, but there is enough room inside the chassis to add series capacitors and bleed-off resistors. I'd buy the Dynacos and use them in your stereo. They sound good, look cool, and they use tubes!
9/8/1997 8:58 AM

So there is a consensus. However I've heard these are not highly valued as audiophile equipment. Is it true the stereo 70 was really the first "good" dynaco?  
What about their value?
9/9/1997 7:29 AM
Dynacos were not the best tube stereos ever made, but they are great for modding. There are several web-sites that discuss modding in detail. The ST-70 has a different circuit than the MK3s, so they sound different, but not better. You can expect to pay more for a pair of MK3s than a ST70, but not much more.
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