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O'Connor active resonance

6/4/1999 12:13 PM
O'Connor active resonance
Has anyone experimented with Kevin O'Connor's active power amp eq (resonance and presence controls), featured in TUT?
6/4/1999 6:30 PM
Ken Gilbert

Yes, I have. I've also screwed with it a little, using inductors to get a cleaner bass response. It is a very powerful circuit topology, and the inverting gain stage can be a single 12ax7 section. It would be a cleaner circuit with even more gain, say with an EF86, but to be honest I LIKE the way it sounds when it's got a stinkin' hot signal cranked into it.  
I normally shy away from NFB, but in this case it is so localized as to be unobtrusive. Wire it up and try it out, I think you'll be impressed.  
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