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AC15 clone

6/3/1999 5:18 PM
chris AC15 clone
I'm trying to build a vox "AC15" clone out of an old PA amp (already 2 EL84). I used the AC30 TB preamp wiring (schematic from tube amp book) and left the power stage as it was. Problem: awfull sound overdriven.  
The phase splitter has only about 120V on the plates. I don't have a coil in the power supply, so a 1:1 copy is not possible. How do I have to wire the power supply of the phase splitter to get more voltage on the plates?  
Thanks in advance for any answers.  
6/3/1999 10:40 PM

Back up and tell us what the voltage is to the plate load resistors of the PI/driver section.  
You might just have the cathodes or grids wired wrong.  
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