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vintage amp

6/3/1999 9:54 AM
kurt lågeide
vintage amp
I have an old Italian tube amp called  
GELOSO G.326 2.  
I´m looking for shematics for this amp. It has a pair of 807 tubes.
6/4/1999 12:35 AM
Preben Hansen

Hi Kurt.  
At home i have an old GELOSO booklet from 1962. This book has schematics and data for their amps, radios and tape recorders. I will take a look when i get home, and maybe ask for further details to point out the right schem. (As i remember there 2 models using the 807 output tubes).  
Some special things about ALL Geloso amps: They had a very special OT that could be coupled up for output in the range from 2 ohm to 1000 ohm. I have the guide for that. Often the filament of the preamptubes vere DC !! For the "HIGH POWER", (100-150W) the B+ could be as high as 1000 Volt !  
The amps vere originally designed to be used in small cinemaes, churces, market-places, hall etc. That explaines why their housing were made of metal, and the bottom-plate looks as it does.  
I have owned a Geloso myself,a 35 W with 2xEL34.  
Regards Preben
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