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Re: marshall mod?

6/7/1999 1:47 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: marshall mod?
Here is the article -- the referenced page no longer works, I believe.  
I stole this from somewhere else, and in turn, it was stolen from here:  
"I remember going up there a couple of times, and I  
used to blast out, because they'd say to me, "Come up and  
try the amps", but obviously if you're going to try an amplifier  
out, you want to try it out as loud as you're going to play on  
stage, so I'd be blasting out, and all the women would down  
tools and start complaining, saying they're not going to  
assemble the amplifiers with me there! And then Jim Marshall  
would arrive, saying, "I knew you were here, I could hear you  
down in the offfice" - across the road!  
But they had a hell of a time trying to duplicate - I wanted a  
sound like a Vox, my AC30, which was perfect. But it wasn't  
politically correct, it wasn't a Marshall, so they tried  
everything. And you know what they did in the end, after six  
weeks of trying to copy it? They put the Vox in a Marshall  
cabinet... And I used to use that on stage, in the combo amp -  
it looked like a Marshall, but it was a Vox.  
It took me ages just to warm up to a Marshall. But it just -  
it looked really good, didn't it? But it was really hard to play,  
the sound was just totally uninspiring. You had to really get a  
good preamp to boost the signal to get a bit of an overdrive  
sustain - I found that there was just nothing there.  
I changed the whole Marshall circuit - I went there, and the guy  
was adding resistors, all sorts of things in front of me, and he  
said, "Don't you dare tell anybody else how this is done, we're  
not going to do this for anybody else". And they put an extra  
output stage on to just give it more sustain. I did have the  
loudest amp in the world, it was like 280 pure watts. That was  
the secret - "Don't you tell anybody how we did this for you,  
because we'll just say that we never did it, if they come here  
and they want the same!"  
It took me ages to get used to them, but they looked so good,  
you had to get used to it. I like the smaller amps, with one or  
maybe two speakers. As soon as it gets to four, or eight  
speakers, it gets overwhelming, it's just too fucking loud. I'm  
glad it's gone back to the smaller amps, and not just big  
showy things, cause there was a time when you just couldn't  
be serious if you went on stage without about three stacks  
behind you. That was the wall of sound that had to be there. "
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