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Testing Components

3/26/1999 2:38 AM
Testing Components
Question: What is the best way to test an output xformer? I also need to verify the output impedance. On the power, I just check the outputs. What about caps? Is there a way without buying a new multimeter with that function? Also to check chokes. I have an old pa amp that I am going to transform into something, 2x6v6 output, which it has right now.  
3/26/1999 3:09 AM

I always have the same response to "what is the best..." questions.  
The problem is you have to define "best". Do you mean quickest, most thorough, easiest, best quick and dirty approximation, uses least equipment, uses most test equipment? (Yes, I know people who would define it that way.) You have to define your terms.  
Some good ways to test output transformers are to be found in the Tube Amp Debugging page on GEO. They're not perfect, but they get you a lot of information very quickly, including detecting internal shorted turns. Likewise methods for testing power transformers and chokes.  
On the caps, if they are over ten years old, just replace them and save yourself some future problems.
3/26/1999 3:11 AM

Check out Gerald Weber's books,Tube Amp Talk and A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps.Has answers to all your questions.
3/26/1999 2:04 PM
Steve M.

RG Keen is *The Man* when it comes to transformers, and you will not find better advice.  
However, there is a site that I like to refer people to as it helped me a great deal.  
Determining the impedence of transformers:  
Check it out.  
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