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Unknown manufacturer of 6L6GC

12/15/1998 8:03 AM
Unknown manufacturer of 6L6GC
RS - Electronics catalog offers  
6L6GC tubes ( around 10$ each),  
but manufacturer is uknown to  
Anyone knows something about them ?  
I bought yesterday 4 NOS EL34 tubes.  
(really good price , 7$ each ).  
I can't see any other mark than  
EL34 .  
I would really appreciate any help.
12/15/1998 3:39 PM

It's hard to guess where the tubes were manufactured. Many tubes are sourced and re-boxed, and even re-branded. National used to keep the radio-TV repair shops supplied with needed replacement tubes, but were not a manufacturer.  
Some tube enthusiasts can look at the glass envelope shape, the internal structure, and the external markings to be pretty sure where (and when) the tube was produced.  
I would guess without looking at them, that for the price, they couldn't be anything but chinese or russian manufacture, but not any of the recently developed improved types like svetlana, for instance.
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12/15/1998 10:40 PM

Nick & Doc; A friend of mine had bought out a small music store,he had some National tubes, 6L6GC,I went to look at them, and they were made in russia. I thought they were National Union tubes[very different] But they looked ok,I didn't buy them because I could get better tubes cheaper than the National. Also if you ever try to sell any tubes to Antique Ele,they will buy National Union,but not "National". As for the Phillips they could have been made in different countries[yes you are right] Sounds like a bargin on the Phillips. [Richie]
12/15/1998 11:53 PM

The 6V6GTAs I have from Natioanl Electronics were inported from Russia from Richardson.  
If you look closely at the tubes you can see the Russian.  
Suprisingly though 50% of them sound very very good and of the other 50% ...half sound crummy with weird distorion products mixed into the output signal and the other half blow up within 30 secons with +300v on the plates and any strong signal applied!  
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