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Help finding a part - Please

6/18/1998 11:01 AM
Bob K.
Help finding a part - Please
Does anybody know a source for the tube socket and shield, and tube data, for a 6C10 tube? This tube was used by Fender in their Super Champ amps. I believe that the tube is a 13 pin triple-triode. The tube is available from a bunch of different sources but I can't find the socket/shield anywhere. Neither have I been able to find a tube data sheet for this tube.  
Any ideas on where to look?  
6/18/1998 12:34 PM
Jim S.

The 6C10 is a 12-pin tube (other similar 12-pin triple-triodes are the 6U10 and 6K11). Did you try Antique Electronics Supply? (Tempe, AZ). They tend to carry a lot of oddball stuff - maybe they carry 12-pin sockets. I've never seen a tube shield for this type of socket/tube; maybe you can do without one.  
As far as tube data goes, I'm fairly certain that all three triodes in this tube are high-mu - that is, they have similar gain to the triode sections in a 12AX7/7025/ECC83. If you can get a hold of a 6C10, you can probably figure out the pin-out easily enough by inspecting the pin-to-electrode connections inside the bottle.
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6/18/1998 5:41 PM

Jim is right. Each section has a mu of 100. The pinout is:  
1,12 heater  
2,5,10 plate 3, 2, 1  
3,6,4 cathode 3, 2, 1  
11,7,9 grid 3, 2, 1  
8 don't connect( probably an internal connection)  
This was from an older RCA manual.  
6/19/1998 7:43 AM
Steve M

Here's the pinout for the 6C10:  
Base: 12BQ  
pin 1: filament  
pin 2: anode 1st triode  
pin 3: cathode, 1st triode  
pin 4: cathode, 3rd triode  
pin 5: anode, 2nd triode  
pin 6: cathode 2nd triode  
pin 7: grid, 2nd triode  
pin 8: IC  
pin 9: grid 3rd triode  
pin 10: anode, 3rd triode  
pin 11: grid 1st triode  
pin 12 filament  
For the tube sockets you might try Brendan at Costal concepts, AKA Tube World:  
I got some oddball sockets from him a while back  
Hope this helps,  
6/19/1998 7:48 AM
Bob K.

Thanks to all of you....the information was invaluable. I did find the tube and the socket.  
Thanks again.
6/19/1998 8:00 AM
Steve M

If you need some more tubes I have a couple leftover from when I had a Super Champ.  
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