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DIY Gtr. amp with 6AR6/6098

2/23/1998 9:47 PM
DIY Gtr. amp with 6AR6/6098
Anyone interested in a guitar amp  
design using a pair of 6098 industrial  
tubes? About 22 watts class-A: or40W  
in AB,(more B+,less idle current,and  
lower plate load)  
Looks like NOS Tungsol 5881, but *different  
pinout*!! and slightly different specs,  
Currently about $5 each from Triode.  
I've got a scan of my rough hand-drawn  
schem if anyone wants. The 22W Class A  
version sounds nice, but I've got too  
much work in the shop to redraw the schem  
If I contribute the design, perhaps  
someone else would CAD it, and the boss  
firebottle could tie it behind a red-  
-letter link for anyone to d/l.  
Shout if you want it.  
- Stephen.
2/23/1998 10:15 PM
Steve Morrison

Hi Stephen,  
I'd be happy to redraw and post your schem if you'd like to email it to me or upload it to  
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2/24/1998 3:13 AM

Thank you Steve. Expect a gif email  
attachment in the next day or so.  
BTW - I should have mentioned that  
if you ask nicely, Triode have some  
approx-matched 6098 pairs.  
- Stephen .
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