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weber vst e12n w/e.mag

1/14/1998 12:44 PM
cbs weber vst e12n w/e.mag
I saw on the Weber post an field coil speaker with a control box the E-Mag. It had controls for K-gauss, expansion/norm/compreeion, and gain. I assume the K-guass governs current , the ex/norm/compress switch control voltage compliance ( with a solid state simulated inductor?) , but the gain control I have know idea about. I thought the gain would be a function of the magnetic field strength. Does anyone have experience with this speaker, or a good guess?  
Thnx, cbs
1/15/1998 1:05 PM

This speaker is a new product. A while back, Ted Weber came on and answered some questions about Jensen/Weber speakers (on the Guitar Amps-General BBS).  
He's very knowledgeable, and seems to be a great guy. I'm sure you could contact him directly: ""
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