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scoresubject / authordate forum
Anthony Stauffer
2/26/1999 12:43 PMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
12.447Re: Tried the LM308
Rob Strand
11/9/2000 6:11 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
11.607Re: LM308
3/1/1999 8:22 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
10.767Re: LM308
chip HYS
2/26/1999 1:02 PMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
10.691Re: Question on Pro Co RAT and available schematics
7/5/2000 8:49 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
10.346Re: Tried the LM308
11/9/2000 10:09 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
9.777Re: RAT Opamp
1/31/2001 3:06 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
9.753Re: LM308 substitute
Jack Orman
3/15/1998 2:30 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
9.585Re: LM308
2/26/1999 1:29 PMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
9.040Re: LM308
Daniel R. Haney
3/1/1999 8:01 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
8.836Re: LM308
3/1/1999 6:01 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
8.298Re: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices
8/30/1999 11:13 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
8.031BJT Stuff
Doug H
10/31/2000 7:15 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
7.789Re: sound!
12/6/2000 8:57 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
7.698Re:Hey,Doug- noisey?
Doug H
11/7/2000 12:46 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
7.461Re: LM308
Mark Cameron
3/2/1999 1:02 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
7.307Re: LM803
Paul Perry
1/20/1999 6:27 AMEffects Devices:
7.088Re: Bixonic Expandora schematic
3/17/1999 9:11 PMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
6.949Re: Question on Pro Co RAT and available schematics
ET Zeppy
7/10/2000 3:57 AMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
6.949Re: Tried the LM308
Rob Strand
11/9/2000 10:59 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
6.949Re: Schematic & Look Ma, No diodes!
Ed Rembold
11/6/2000 5:07 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum

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