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Vintage threads from the first ten years

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12.274Jensen RI P10R vs. C10R
2/7/2001 1:48 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
11.425Anybody got a 64-65 Jensen C10R?!
9/25/1999 7:42 PMArchive:
Open Forum
10.313Jensen or Oxford in Princeton?
Chris B
10/9/2000 1:21 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
9.089Re: Frequency Plots for the Infamous Bull Dog
Randall Aiken
11/30/2000 1:00 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
7.749Suggestions for Speaker for Princeton
BIG Dave
12/26/1999 1:56 PMArchive:
Open Forum
7.672Re: Princeton Reverb Price?
1/11/2001 5:49 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
7.672Re: Pro Jr. speaker replacement
Lee M.
6/15/2000 5:04 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
7.284Re: Weber VST or Greenback?
9/7/1998 2:02 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
7.180Re: Jensen Pro Audio Vintage
1/3/2001 1:30 AMArchive:
Open Forum
7.093Re: Jensen speaker question
2/10/2001 5:05 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.898Re: Any good mods for the Pro Jr?
Lee MacMillan
2/18/1999 6:11 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.739Re: Jensen RI P10R vs. C10R
2/8/2001 9:41 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.687Speaker for BFPR - Opinions on RI Jensens?
12/15/1999 7:58 PMArchive:
Open Forum
6.687Re: Fender Pro Jr.
12/1/1999 5:50 PMArchive:
Open Forum
6.583Re: Princeton Reverb: Speaker Survey
Nate S.
6/21/2000 4:31 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.472Re: Jensen Reissue Speakers
Tony T.
9/15/1998 9:18 PMArchive:
Announce / Misc
6.453Re: amp break in time?
8/3/2000 11:37 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.453Re: Speakers BF SR
11/22/1998 6:32 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.404Re: Any good mods for the Pro Jr?
Mike T
2/19/1999 1:59 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.308Re: P12R style
Lee MacMillan
5/11/1999 7:30 PMGuitar Amps:
6.250Re: Princeton Replacement Speaker
Mike T
1/13/1999 1:50 PMGuitar Amps:

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