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scoresubject / authordate forum
9.226Info needed: Valco, 1950
7/5/1999 4:28 PMArchive:
Open Forum
7.403Re: 7027's in a Blonde Bassman
Rich P.
6/2/2000 3:48 PMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
6.738Re: Help identify amp maker??? Very old.
7/21/2003 8:04 AMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
6.669Re: Voltage Dbl'r/Triplers and Specs
1/1/2005 12:29 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.602Amp running off a car battery?
steven oda
6/13/2003 2:16 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.346Re:Here are some #'s
Naked Clarke
3/17/2000 11:50 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.322Re: Substitutions for 12AX7 tubes.
Mike Tatro
3/24/1997 12:17 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
6.300Re: Info needed: Valco, 1950
7/7/1999 5:34 PMArchive:
Open Forum
6.205Re: Info needed: Valco, 1950
John Martin
7/6/1999 2:54 PMArchive:
Open Forum
6.166Re: Close up pictures of an SLO and X88R
2/9/2000 2:29 PMArchive:
Open Forum
6.038Re: Rare Telefunkens (?) - not for the faint at heart!
4/25/2004 2:56 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
5.996Re: Gaussmeter
2/4/2006 5:29 AMGuitar Tech:
Pickup Makers
5.918Re: It is perfectly normal for tube amps to hum
Paul Rosk
1/23/2005 1:08 PMDesign & Construction:
Homebrew Debugging
5.918DeArmond 'monkey' pickups
5/13/2006 9:10 PMGuitar Tech:
Pickup Makers
5.906Fender Super Amp V-Front
6/24/2003 8:46 PMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
5.858Re: Fender princeton
4/17/2005 1:47 PMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
5.747Re: sovtec 12AX7LPS
Ned Carlson
5/12/1999 5:43 AMArchive:
Announce / Misc
5.737Re: Opinions on the Standard Mexican Strat
7/13/2000 10:07 PMArchive:
Open Forum
5.723Re: Valve oscillator question
Martin Beer
1/28/2003 2:53 PMArchive:
Music Electronics
5.678Re: Tweed Deluxe OT
9/15/1999 4:58 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
5.634Odd Schematic needed
2/22/2000 5:09 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps

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