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scoresubject / authordate forum
3.675Re: Have a few more questions/problems
Rob Mercure
2/27/2006 8:09 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.647Re: what is an "Autotransformer" ?
Joe Fuzz
2/14/1999 12:01 PMGuitar Amps:
3.629Re: I have Returned
Mark Vitek
10/2/2000 7:55 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
3.627Re: reverb circuit questions
J Epstein
10/20/1999 6:57 PMArchive:
Open Forum
3.621Re: switching Am. Std. Strat
Dave Harris
11/5/1997 4:36 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Tech
3.616Re: Potentiometer's..........Audio taper or linear taper?
Steve A.
8/3/1998 9:48 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.608Re: What are these things???
Le Basseur
1/25/2004 8:42 AMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
3.608Re: What are these things???
Le Basseur
1/25/2004 8:42 AMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
3.589Re: Variable Power Supply
9/2/1997 11:46 AMGuitar Amps:
3.583Re: help with grid stopper
Steve A.
10/27/2000 7:08 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.577A little clarification...
3/14/2000 6:45 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.566Re: FX info
12/14/2000 8:31 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
3.514DC30 with channel switching
Bob DeRosa
2/23/2004 10:10 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.498unstable mesa IIB clone (long)
Petri Vuori
3/1/1999 6:43 AMGuitar Amps:
3.486Re: MKP motor run capacitors for power supply
Stephen Conner
5/6/2000 11:50 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.476Re: Bias feed resistors and bias cap values
Ken Gilbert
11/27/1999 7:28 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.467Randall amp poops out after an hour.
8/27/2005 2:03 PMGuitar Amps:
Repair & Maintenance
3.447Re: Low output volume Bandmaster
Jack Koochin
9/2/2003 7:09 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
3.435Re: Master Vol circuit assessment
Steve A.
2/25/1998 3:58 AMGuitar Amps:
3.423Re: Making a hall-effect magnetic field meter
Joe Gwinn
3/28/2005 7:48 AMGuitar Tech:
Pickup Makers
3.409Re: Circut simulation and layout software
Randall Aiken
3/27/2000 6:40 AMArchive:
Open Forum

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