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scoresubject / authordate forum
5.077Re: Mondo Bench Load
Andrew M
7/11/2000 5:49 PMGuitar Amps:
Design & Construction
5.032Dummy amp load
Daniel R. Haney
4/22/1999 7:38 AMArchive:
Announce / Misc
5.007Re: How old Is Everyone?
Jim Radmer
5/26/2000 6:03 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
4.983Re: Roughneck schematic
Steve Ahola
7/10/2000 3:42 AMGuitar Amps:
Vintage Amps
4.973Re: Mesa Mark 1 - 6L6 to EL34 swap
Gil ayan
3/29/2006 9:08 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
4.963Re: Win a Route 66 amp...
3/18/2000 5:36 PMArchive:
Open Forum
4.917Re: Carlos Santanas Sound
Steve A.
2/18/2001 9:49 AMArchive:
Open Forum
4.875"ye olde ampage wisdom"
Rob Mercure
6/23/2005 8:16 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
4.833Re: Guitar Center Les Paul prices, update
Steve B.
10/3/2004 6:47 PMArchive:
Open Forum
4.833Re: Guitar Center Les Paul prices, update
Steve B.
10/4/2004 12:47 AMArchive:
Open Forum
4.800What amp is Clapton currently playing thru?
10/16/2000 6:00 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
4.778Compressor in Silicon Chip (Australia) Sept 1999
paul perry
8/25/1999 2:05 PMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
4.740More on the Alnicos
Steve A.
4/22/2005 7:22 PMGuitar Tech:
Pickup Makers
4.734Re: Bought a Muff
11/27/2000 10:36 PMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
4.715Re: Bad caps, possibly? Look here:
Henry Ramsey
5/2/2005 10:24 AMArchive:
Open Forum
4.704Re: 'money for nothing' tone
Frank Clarke
1/3/2001 1:53 AMEffects Devices:
Aron's Forum
4.697Pending Trademark
12/3/1999 10:21 PMArchive:
Open Forum
4.657Re: Soldering station specs for pup making
Steve A.
3/20/2006 3:14 AMGuitar Tech:
Pickup Makers
4.621Re: KT88 vs. 6550 high current
Greg Simon
10/9/2004 11:25 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
4.621Re: KT88 vs. 6550 high current
Greg Simon
10/9/2004 5:25 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
4.589Re: Who is Jimmy Page?
2/24/2000 6:22 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps

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