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scoresubject / authordate forum
2.690Re: grid current
Ken Gilbert
1/5/2000 11:09 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
2.512Re: TBX ?
Steve A.
7/2/1998 2:20 AMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Tech
2.499Re: MXR Distortion+ Mods?
Mark Hammer
1/31/2000 4:39 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
1.988Here are the details for you, bw
Steve Ahola
6/8/2000 6:51 AMGuitar Amps:
Mods & Tweaks
1.972Modifying the Lil' BMP
Mark Hammer
9/18/1998 7:26 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
1.708Re: filters...
Mark Hammer
11/9/2004 8:38 AMMusic Electronics:
Effects Devices
1.520Buncha proposed shit on CCS-ing CF's
Ken Gilbert
8/11/1999 11:27 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps
1.367bigass dissertation on cascodes and jfets
Ken Gilbert
3/11/2000 6:05 PMMusic Electronics:
Guitar Amps

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