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Re: Extech readings

5/21/2006 5:45 PM
Joe Gwinn
Re: Extech readings
On 5/21/2006 7:37 AM, Greg Simon said:  
"Joe, the pickups are pretty bright actually, but they are pretty odd. They have lots of bass, lots of mids, and lots of trebles, but in a way the highs are harsh to a certain extent as compared with a Strat for example. I use flatwounds on this guitar to get rid of the shrillness and harshness, and I suspect the harshness is due to the samarium cobalt magnets."
There seems to be very little eddy-current loading, which would tend to make the highs harsher. What other metal stuff is near the coils, and what kind of metal is it?  

"I measured them disconnected from the guitar with the DMM and Extech. They're narrower than your typical PAF, so they have more highs than a PAF due to the narrower coils, and a lot more mids than a PAF, and they also stay articulate when the gain is really turned up, kind of like a Firebird pickup, whereas a PAF might muddy up. "
I'm really curious to know the capacitance seen by the pickup, from the cable and amp. The Extech can measure this. The easy way is to get a open phone jack, unplug cable from guitar and plug into the open jack, clip Extech to the jack terminals, set Extech to C and d (capacitance and dissipation factor) and 1 KHz, nad measure away. The test signal from the Extech is something like one volt, and will not bother the amp, be it on or off. Pickup outputs are in the same voltage range.  
Anyway, given the capacitance and the inductance, we can compute the resonant frequency.  

"With a blackface, they sound ok when clean, but if you try to play louder in a blackface amp, they just don't sound very good. I think it is due to the mid scoop that the blackface amps have, but I'm not certain. I just play them through a Vox AC30, Marshalls, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Supro Thunderbolt, Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve, and it sounds fabulous. Jason Lollar has played this guitar once about 8 years ago or so through his Super Reverb and I remember him remarking on how loud they were. (wonder if he remembers?)"
I'm guessing that the excess highs get chopped up when overdriving the amps, but the amps vary is how they handle chopped-up sound. It's hard to be more precise without some lab work.  

"They do have 4 conductor cable, but I'd have to take the pickups out of the connector that the wires are in and strip some wires back to see what each coil is and I don't feel like doing that. "
If one sets the volume control to max loud and the tone pot to put max resistance in series with the tone capacitor, one may be able to isolate things using the switch, depending on how it's wired.  

"This guitar has a circuit board in it to hook everything up so it's not as easy as normal stuff. The pickups are also epoxied and have a circuit board on the bottom of them. Pretty strange! I'm glad RIC doesn't do all their guitars this way, but I do like the pickups on this one."
I guess it was easier to manufacture that way.

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