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Re: Extech readings

5/21/2006 1:37 AM
Greg SimonRe: Extech readings
Joe, the pickups are pretty bright actually, but they are pretty odd. They have lots of bass, lots of mids, and lots of trebles, but in a way the highs are harsh to a certain extent as compared with a Strat for example. I use flatwounds on this guitar to get rid of the shrillness and harshness, and I suspect the harshness is due to the samarium cobalt magnets.  
I measured them disconnected from the guitar with the DMM and Extech. They're narrower than your typical PAF, so they have more highs than a PAF due to the narrower coils, and a lot more mids than a PAF, and they also stay articulate when the gain is really turned up, kind of like a Firebird pickup, whereas a PAF might muddy up.  
With a blackface, they sound ok when clean, but if you try to play louder in a blackface amp, they just don't sound very good. I think it is due to the mid scoop that the blackface amps have, but I'm not certain. I just play them through a Vox AC30, Marshalls, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Supro Thunderbolt, Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve, and it sounds fabulous. Jason Lollar has played this guitar once about 8 years ago or so through his Super Reverb and I remember him remarking on how loud they were. (wonder if he remembers?)  
They do have 4 conductor cable, but I'd have to take the pickups out of the connector that the wires are in and strip some wires back to see what each coil is and I don't feel like doing that. This guitar has a circuit board in it to hook everything up so its not as easy as normal stuff. The pickups are also epoxied and have a circuit board on the bottom of them. Pretty strange! I'm glad RIC doesn't do all their guitars this way, but I do like the pickups on this one.  

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