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Re: #42 vs. #43 -- e.g., number of turns vs. DCR

5/18/2006 9:15 AM
Re: #42 vs. #43 -- e.g., number of turns vs. DCR
I'm serious about the sewing machine thing. You have to know how to wind the thread on the bobbins. I had a talk Lindy Fralin about this. I also know for a fact that Larry DiMarzio was only hiring woman to wind his pickups in the 70's, I tried to get a job there though some mutual friends, I live on Staten Island.  
So they already knew how to wind a bobbin. That's one reason you have so many different coils. They didn't care about what the thing sounded like, they just had to fill a bobbin with wire. Just like on the bobbins for thread. No training needed and nobody watching them. I'm sure all Gibson cared about was how many bobbins you made and if they worked, then on to the assembly part.  
Again nobody cared what it sounded like, they just grabbed parts from a bin and put it together. I'm sure somebody tested them before they were put into a guitar. Probably a guy with a VOM of some kind just to make sure they had DC resistance. Then into another bin and from there into a guitar.

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