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Re: Wait a second

4/11/2006 8:25 PM
moocowRe: Wait a second
The Seymour Duncan site is very misleading for learning about inductance and 'resonant frequency'. Go read the Kinman site for some relevant information.  
There have been some very detailed discussions on this board about inductance and resonant frequency. Go back in the archives and you will find them. But in short, resonant frequency is a worthless measurement for a pickup. The pickup itself has its own resonant frequency, but when the pickup is installed in a guitar and plugged into an amp, the resonant frequency changes because the loading on the pickup has changed. The guitar cable capacitance itself works with the pickup inductance to create the resonant frequency that affects the sound of the guitar pickup. This means that changing the guitar cable capacitance changes the resultant resonant frequency.  
To me, resonant frequency is a worthless spec because you also need to know the guitar cable capacitance for it to be meaningful. It changes with the guitar cable capacitance so you never get the same resonant frequency unless you use the same cable capacitance that Seymour Duncan uses. Some pickup makers do measure resonant frequency but mainly as a quality assurance spec. By comparison, inductance is a more meaningful spec since the inductance works with the guitar cable to create the resonant frequency.  
Sorry for the length of my 'short' answer. There's more in the archives:

Zhangliqun I disagree that resonant frequency ... -- 4/12/2006 10:31 AM